Presentation First author name Title
MIS01-P01 Evgeny P. Gordov Virtual research environment for analysis, evaluation and prediction of global climate change impacts on the Northern Eurasia environment Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-P02 Vladimir Georgievskiy Changes in main components of the water cycle or Lake Khanka during the 1949 - 2015 period. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-P03 Olga Bulygina Changes in the wind regime in Russia. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-P04 Ruslan Shakhmatov Effects of snow cover change on taiga forest ecosystem. Abstract.
MIS01-P05 Elena I. Parfenova Evaluating climate severity for human comfort in a changing climate of the 21st century in Central Siberia. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-P06 Vadim V. Mamkin CO2 and heat fluxes in a recently clear-cut spruce forest in European Russia. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-P07 Anatoly Shvidenko Assessment of carbon budget of terrestrial ecosystems of Russia and comparison of bottom-up and top-down estimates Abstract.
MIS01-P08 Shamil Maksyutov High-resolution CO2 flux inverse modeling using ground-based observations Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-P09 Sergey B. Belan Distribution of trace gases and aerosols in the Siberian air shed during wildfires of summer 2012. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-P10 Qianlai Zhuang Quantifying historical and future net exchanges of greenhouse gases of CO2, methane and N2O between land and the atmosphere in Northern Eurasia Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-P11 Alexander Milner Climate change and water sources in Arctic streams; effects on physiochemical variables and biotic communities. Abstract.
MIS01-P12 Kamilia Kelgenbaeva Detecting change amidst uncertainty in digital elevation models: A comparison of SRTM and ASTER DEM products for two oblasts in the Kyrgyz Republic Abstract.
MIS01-01 Thorsten Kiefer The role of Northern Eurasia in global sustainability research of Future Earth Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-02 Pavel Groisman Transition from the Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership (NEESPI) to the Northern Eurasia Future Initiative (NEFI) Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-03 Erwan Monier A Review of and Perspectives on Global Change Modeling for Northern Eurasia. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-04 Peilei Fan Urbanization and sustainable societal development under transitional economies and global change: A synthesis of North Asia Cities Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-05 Jiquan Chen Ecosystem-Society Interactions on a Changing Mongolian Plateau. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-06 Evgeny P Gordov Development of an interactive tool to raise climate change awareness of public, policy makers, and practitioners. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-07 Kirsten de Beurs Interlinked and changing effects of major climate oscillations on snow cover, polar sea ice, and land surface phenology over the northern hemisphere. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-08 Kamilia Kelgenbaeva Environmental Changes in Central Asian High Elevation Communities: Land Surface Phenology and Snow Cover Seasonality in Kyrgyz Highlands. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-09 Alexey Panov Breathing of Siberia: large-scale quantifying of sources and sinks of atmospheric carbon. Abstract.
MIS01-10 Tetsuya Hiyama Decadal changes in the atmospheric water cycle and the terrestrial water storage in Northern Eurasia. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-11 Qiuhong Tang Changes in high ambient temperature extreme and heat stress. Abstract. Presentation.
MIS01-12 Baiquan Zhou Projected changes of growing season length across Northern Eurasia in the 1.5 deg.C and 2 deg.C warmer world. Abstract. Presentation.