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The Poster Summaries & Discussions Session PSD19.8 corresponds to your Session BG5.1 and is scheduled on Tuesday, 29 Apr, 12:15–13:15


Tuesday, 29 Apr 10:30–12:00, Room G5

Pavel Groisman and Shamil Maksyutov
NEESPI Status Update, 1 minute

10:30–10:45 EGU2014-5525ys
Katharina Klehmet, Beate Geyer, and Burkhardt Rockel
Recent changes of seasonal snow cover in Siberia derived by a regional climate model

10:45–11:00 EGU2014-9763ys
Erwan Monier, David Kicklighter, and Andrei Sokolov
Future changes in terrestrial carbon fluxes over Northern Eurasia under uncertainty in 21st century climate change

11:00–11:15 EGU2014-4317
Jacquelyn Shuman, Nadezhda Tchebakova, Elena Parfenova, Amber Soja, Herman Shugart, Dmitry Ershov, and Katherine Holcomb
Forest Forecasting with Multiple Ecosystem Models in the Boreal forests of Russia

11:15–11:30 EGU2014-2538
Anna Vinogradova, Yulia Ivanova, and Alexey Karpov
Anthropogenic heavy metals in the environment of Eurasian Arctic Nature Reserves

11:30–11:45 EGU2014-14780
Nikolay Shiklomanov, Dmitry Streletskiy, and Timothy Swales
Arctic cities and climate change: climate-induced changes in stability of Russian urban infrastructure built on permafrost

11:45–12:00 EGU2014-13861
Jukka Käyhkö and the NCoE Tundra Team
How to preserve the tundra in a warming climate?


Display Time: Tuesday, 29 Apr, 08:00–19:30

Attendance Time: Tue, 29 Apr, 15:30–17:00
Evgeny Gordov and Pavel Groisman
Biogeochemical cycles changes

1 EGU2014-3240
Nadezhda M. Tchebakova, Evgeniya V. Zander, Anton I. Pyzhev, Elena I. Parfenova, and Amber J. Soja
Potential ecological and economic consequences of climate-driven agricultural and silvicultural transformations in central Siberia

2 EGU2014-4692
Galina A. Ivanova, Sergei V. Zhila, Valery A. Ivanov, Nataly M. Kovaleva, Elena A. Kukavskaya, Irina A. Platonova, and Susan G. Conard
Fire Impact on Phytomass and Carbon Emissions in the Forests of Siberia

3 EGU2014-236ys
Eugene Shvetsov and Evgenii Ponomarev
Estimation of Fire Radiative Energy in Siberia Using MODIS Data

4 EGU2014-7349
Juliya Kurbatova
Respiration fluxes in a paludified shallow-peat spruce forest in the southern taiga of European Russia

5 EGU2014-13909
Vasiliy Bogomolov, Victor Stepanenko, Igor Okladnikov, and Alexander Titov
Methane emission from Western Siberia derived from the integral methane balance in the troposphere for 2001 -2011

6 EGU2014-2365
Alexander Olchev and Julia Kurbatova
Response of net ecosystem CO2 exchange and evapotranspiration of boreal forest ecosystems to projected future climate changes: results of a modeling study

7 EGU2014-3806
Csaba Mátyás and Ge Sun
Challenges of reforestation in a water limited world under climate change

8 EGU2014-6912
Vyacheslav Nizovtsev and Erman Natalia
The main principles of formation of structure of cultural-historical landscapes of Central Russia.

9 EGU2014-13329
Shamil Maksyutov, Irina Kleptsova, Mikhail Glagolev, Vladimir Sedykh, Ekaterina Kuzmenko, Anton Silaev, Alexander Frolov, Svetlana Nikolaeva, and Alexander Fedorov
Mapping wetland and forest landscapes in Siberia with Landsat data

Energy and water cycle changes

10 EGU2014-156ys
Nataliya Podnebesnykh
Dynamics of large-scale atmospheric circulation over Siberia using NCEP/DOE AMIP-II reanalysis data and synoptic maps

11 EGU2014-574ys
Irina Partasenok and Gregory Chekan
Shift of extreme spring streamflow on the Belorussian rivers and its association with changes of cyclonic activity over Eastern Europe

12 EGU2014-2436
Olga Bulygina, Nataliya Arzhanova, Vycheslav Razuvaev, and Pavel Groisman
Icing events over the Russian territory in changing climate

13 EGU2014-622ys
Alexander Chernokulsky, Igor Mokhov, and Natalia Nikitina
Winter cloudiness variability over Northern Eurasia related to the Siberian High during last five decades

14 EGU2014-1415
Pavel Groisman, Esfir Bogdanova, Vladimir Alexeev, Jessica Cherry, and Olga Bulygina
Impact of measurement deficiencies on quantification of cold season precipitation and its trends over Northern Eurasia

15 EGU2014-9938
Vladimir Alexeev, Igor Esau, and Stephen Outten
Warming Arctic, weakening polar vortex and winter cooling

16 EGU2014-2255
Irina Repina, Arseniy Artamonov, and Mikhael Varentsov
Air-surface interaction processes in the polar and sub-polar regions under stable condition

17 EGU2014-15801
Annett Bartsch, Barbara Widhalm, Anna Maria Trofaier, Elin Högström, Birgit Heim, Marina Leibman, and Yury Dvorniko
Characterization of tundra lake margins with SAR-data

18 EGU2014-14128
Alexander Shiklomanov and Richard Lammers
River ice changes in a warming Arctic and its interaction with winter streamflow

19 EGU2014-155ys
Xuejun Zhang, Qiuhong Tang, and Ming Pan
A Long-Term Land Surface Hydrologic Fluxes and States Dataset for China

20 EGU2014-2506
Reginald Muskett
ICESat-Derived Elevation Changes on the Lena Delta and Laptev Sea, Siberia

NEESPI Infrastructure

21 EGU2014-4969
Evgeny Gordov, Vasily Lykosov, Vladimir Krupchatnikov, Vasily Bogomolov, Yulia Gordova, Yulia Martynova, Igor Okladnikov, Alexander Titov, and Tamara Shulgina
Development of virtual research environment for regional climatic and ecological studies and continuous education support

22 EGU2014-3288ys
Yulia Gordova, Yulia Martynova, and Tamara Shulgina
Usage of web-GIS platform Climate to prepare specialists in climate changes modeling and analysis