Session Information                            Thursday Morning

2011 Fall Meeting,                                                 Global Environmental Change

Time Session Location Title
0800 GC41C Poster Hall (Moscone South) GC41C. Regional Climate Impacts 7: Environmental, Socioeconomic, and Climatic Changes in Northern Eurasia and Their Feedbacks to the Global Earth System---The Role of Remote Sensing and Integrative Studies I Posters
Presiding: S P Ya. Groisman, UCAR at NOAA National Climatic Data Center; E.P. Gordov, Siberian Center for Environmental Research
0800 GC41C-0814 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Understanding of Grassland Ecosystems under Climate Change and Economic Development Pressures in the Mongolia Plateau
Jiaguo Qi; Jiquan Chen; Ping Shan; Xuebiao Pan; Yurong Wei; Mingjiu Wang; Xiaoping Xin
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0815 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Siberia Integrated Regional Study information-computational and instrumental infrastructure development
Evgeny P. Gordov; Michael V. Kabanov; Vladimir A. Krutikov; Viktor I. Kuzin; Vasily N. Lykosov; Igor Okladnikov; Alexander G. Titov; Evgeny A. Vaganov
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0816 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative in 2011: An Update
Pavel Y. Groisman; Vladimir M. Kattsov; Richard G. Lawford
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0817 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Problems of Recreational Industry in European Russia: Changes in Infrastructure, Environment, and Climate
Maya Yakovleva; Sergey I. Lyaskovskiy
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
Dmitry A. Streletskiy; Nikolay I. Shiklomanov; Valery I. Grebenets
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0819 Poster Hall (Moscone South) High resolution monitoring of lake object structure changes in arctic permafrost regions
Michael Voltersen; Marcel Urban; Stefan Pöcking; Sören Hese; Christiana C. Schmullius
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0820 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Remote sensing for monitoring of land surface hydrology at high latitudes within the framework of the ESA DUE Permafrost and STSE ALANIS-Methane projects
Annett Bartsch; Birgit Heim; Kirsten K. Elger; Garry D. Hayman; Anna Maria Trofaier
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0821 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Heterotrophic soil respiration in Russia: A specified spatially explicit assessment
Dmitry Schepashchenko; Lyudmila Mukhortova; Anatoly Shvidenko; Ian McCallum
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0822 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Remote Sensing of Forest Cover in Boreal Zones of the Earth
Vladimir N. Sedykh
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0823 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Energy and Mass Changes of the Russian Permafrost Regions from Multi-Satellite and In-Situ Measurements
Reginald R. Muskett; Vladimir E. Romanovsky
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0824 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Accessing Recent Trend of Land Surface Temperature from Satellite Observations
Suhung Shen; Gregory G. Leptoukh; Peter Romanov
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0825 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Assimilation of Tower and Satellite-Based Observations for Improved Estimation of Methane Fluxes over Northern Eurasia
Theodore J. Bohn; Ronny Schroeder; Erika Podest; Kyle C. McDonald; Shamil Maksyutov; Dennis P. Lettenmaier
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0826 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Methane emissions from West Siberian mud volcanoes: observations near Khanty-Mansiysk
Mikhail Glagolev; Shamil Maksyutov; Igor Oshkin; Irina Kleptsova; Svetlana Dedysh
POSTER    Abstract;
0800 GC41C-0827 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Spatial distribution and seasonal variability of chlorophyll-a concentration in the Azov Sea turbid waters by means of remote sensing and continuous fluorescence measurements
Vladislav V. Saprygin
POSTER    Abstract
0800 GC41C-0828 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Impacts of climate change on biomass and species composition across Russia using a forest gap model
Jacquelyn K. Shuman; Herman H. Shugart
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0829 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Quantifying the dynamics of land cover and land use, hydrology and biogeochemistry in northern Eurasia
Qianlai Zhuang; Jerry M. Melillo; David W. Kicklighter; John M. Reilly; Andrei P. Sokolov; Yongxia Cai; Anatoly Shvidenko; Nadja Tchebakova; Elena PArfenova; Andrey Sirin; Shamil Maksyutov; Anna Peregon; Guangsheng Zhou
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0830 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Modeling GPP in Semi-arid Inner Mongolia using MODIS Imagery and Tower-based Fluxes
Ranjeet John; Jiquan Chen; Asko Noormets; Jianye Xu
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0831 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Modeling dynamics of circum-arctic tundra plant communities in response to climate warming and grazing pressure
Qin Yu; Howard E. Epstein; Donald A. Walker; Bruce C. Forbes; Liv S. Vors
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0832 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Agroclimatic potential in central Siberia in an altered 21st century climate
Nadja Tchebakova; Amber J. Soja; Elena Parfenova; Galina I. Lysanova
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0833 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Catastrophic Fires in the Russian Federation
Anatoly I. Sukhinin; Amber J. Soja; Douglas J. McRae; Donald R. Cahoon; Brian J. Stocks; Olga A. Dubrovskaya; Jin Ji-Zhong; Mike Flannigan; Bill DeGroot; David Westberg; Paul W. Stackhouse; Susan G. Conard; Wei M. Hao
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0834 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Assessments of the Emission and Impact of Smoke from the 2002 Yakutsk Wildfires using the WRF-Chem-SMOKE Model and Satellite Data
Zheng Lu; Irina N. Sokolik; Amber J. Soja
POSTER    Abstract;
Margarita Syromyatina; Igor Moskalenko; Dmitry Ganushkin; Kirill Chistyakov
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0836 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Increase in groundwater storage in discontinuous permafrost areas in Eurasia and impact on vegetation productivity
Jinjun Tong; Isabella Velicogna; Tingjun Zhang; John S. Kimball
POSTER    Abstract
0800 GC41C-0837 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Modeling sub-sea permafrost in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf: The Laptev Sea Region
Dmitry J. Nicolsky; Vladimir E. Romanovsky; Nikolai N. Romanovskii; Natalia E. Shakhova; Igor P. Semiletov
POSTER    Abstract;
0800 GC41C-0838 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Transformation of Climate and River Regimes in Belarus during the Last Decades
Irina Danilovich; Rigor S. Chekan
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0839 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Changes in Snowpack Density over Northern Eurasia since 1966
Olga Bulygina; Vyacheslav Razuvaev; Natalia Korshunova; Pavel Y. Groisman
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0840 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Prediction And Predictability Of Trend In Temperature Change In China Using Bayesian Multimodel Ensemble Approach
Chiyuan Miao; Qingyun Duan
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0841 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Possible climate change over Eurasia under different emission scenarios
Andrei P. Sokolov; Erwan Monier; Jeffery R. Scott; Chris E. Forest; C A. Schlosser
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC41C-0841 Poster Hall (Moscone South) GUEST POSTERS AND PRESENTATIONS
---- GC14A-0842 Moscone West Changes in the Probability of Extreme Events: Where to Look for their Causes?
Pavel Y. Groisman; Sergey K. Gulev
INVITED TALK    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC51F-1058 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Tall shrub expansion facilitated by patterned ground in the northwest Siberian Low Arctic
Gerald V. Frost; Howard E. Epstein; Donald A. Walker; George Matyshak; Ksenia Ermokhina
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
---- B22C-03 Moscone West Extreme Heat and Drought Events and Their Impact on Forest Carbon/Water Fluxes at the AmeriFlux Oak Openings
Jiquan Chen; ChenJing Xie; Mike Deal; Housen Chu; Ranjeet John; Asko Noormets; Ge Sun; Steve McNulty; Jared DeForest
TALK    Presentation